Our Transformational Program offers real opportunities in STEAM careers, entrepreneurship, leadership development, family and community engagement activities, and much more. Through their participation, STARZ discover and nourish their skills, interests and talents. Our objective is to strengthen youth’s skills in career preparation, self-efficiency, and understanding.

  • Summer Programs/Activities:

    • An Evening Under the STARZ Award and Fundraising Banquet
    • Five STAR Youth Leadership Equine Program
    • C.E.O Creating Entrepreneurship Opportunities
    • C.E.O Creating Employment Opportunities
    • B.L.I.N.G Empowerment Camp

  • Spring Activities

    • Business Photoshoot
    • HBCU College Tour
    • Career Photoshoot

  • Winter Activities

    • SiSTARhood Retreat
    • Family Christmas Dinner

  • Fall Activities

    • Self-Esteem Photoshoot
    • Community Service
      • Self-Esteem Photoshoot
      • Community Service

Sign up for our Transformational Program

The first step is to attend orientation.