Our Guiding Light mentoring program engages STARZ in a variety of mentoring opportunities. Girls are paired with positive peers, women and highly-trained professionals throughout the community who spend time teaching life skills, supporting their goals, and empowering them to SHINE throughout the course of our programming.

Mentors are paired based on interests, personality, and cultural background.

The following are mentoring options available for STARS:

  • Case Management

    Participants receive a case manager upon entering the program and 3 months after completion of program.

  • One on One mentoring

    STARZ looking for extra support outside of our programming engage with an adult female mentor for a minimum of 4 hours a month 1hr a week (in person).

  • C.E.O Career Mentoring

    STARZ looking to explore career fields have an opportunity to shadow professionals and corporate partners through on-site engagement and learn more about the education, skills, and career paths surrounding their professional goals (90 day engagement).

  • star-girlz-empowerment-star-only-whitebckground

    Dear STAR

    Peer mentoring utilized in a pen pal format for those who are committed or as a group leadership team member who provide mentoring to their peers as an accountability partner to ensure STARZ are staying focused and on track. Make contact once a week and engage in a monthly group activity.

Sign up for our Mentoring Services

The first step is to attend orientation.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Please email us at empowerme@stargirlzempower.org to start your screening process.